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In the late 1950's, a number of female vocal groups began to produce songs that mixed doo wop harmonies with rhythm and blues music. The groups were usually trios or quartets, in which one vocalist sang a lead part wile the others conributed a background vocal. This arrangement became known as the "girl group" sound, and it flourished during the early 1960's, but by 1965, the popularity of this sound was eclipsed by the British Invasion.  Although "girl groups" were only successful for a short time, their influence remains impactful and memorable. 


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Take a stroll down Memory Lane as we go Beyond The Sea to The Chapel of Love, stopping for a little Dancin' In The Street.  We'll Shoop Shoop our way to the Diner to look for My Guy because He's SO Fine and he's my Dream Lover. Check "Jukebox" songlist to see where else we'll be strollin'!